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LOSOL Low Sodium Salt is a blend of Potassium Chloride (66%) and Sodium Chloride (33%), Magnesium Carbonate also is added as a flowing agent.



LOSOL when used as a replacement for common salt (Sodium Chloride) reduces this part of daily sodium intake by 66% without affecting flavor or taste.



LOSOL is primarily positioned for people in good health who wish to maintain this by reducing their sodium intake without losing the flavor of salt,

and also for people who need to cut down the consumption of sodium in their diet



A high sodium diet has been linked mainly with the medical condition of high blood pressure, associated heart disease, osteoporosis and stomach cancer.

The main motivation to use LOSOL is to reduce salt (Sodium) intake. This decision is usually taken after receiving information on the dangers of a high sodium diet.

LOSOSL Low Sodium Salt

Lower sodium in diets may help in management of high blood pressure, maintaining normal body weight & promoting physical activity. LOSOL Low Sodium Salt is high in natural potassium and low in sodium salt. Medical evidence suggests that excessive sodium salt in the diet may aggravate a high blood pressure (hypertension) problem.


 LOSOL Trade Mark Registered for H.K. Levant ®