Salt Chemistry

Why Losol






Q & A:
Why is normal salt bad for health?
Normal Salt contains up to three times higher sodium than
LOSOL, sodium is major cause of high blood pressure and obesity.

My blood pressure is normal. Do I still need to use LOSOL?
Even if your blood pressure is normal,
LOSOL help you to prevent high blood pressure in future, hence helping you to prevent other related diseases such, heart disease, Atherosclerosis, ..etc. LOSOL  also help you to reduce  the risk of osteoporosis, dementia, and stroke later in life.
Only renal Failure Patients consult with their doctor before consuming low sodium salt

How LOSOL  can help?

LOSOL  contains all the flavours of standard salt but only one third of its sodium. Used instead of salt in cooking or at the table, LOSOL can help you reduce the amount of sodium in your diet.
Some organizations among others recommending  low sodium salt:
1)     World Health Organization (WHO)
2)     American Medical Association
3)    British Medical Association
4)     National Institute of Health (USA)
5)     National Academy of Science (USA)
6)     U.S. Department of Agricultural
7)     U.S. Department of Health & Human Services